Steam set ups can vary from a mild steam session (10 minutes) to an advanced steam session (30 minutes). The variation of the steam sessions are dependent on your intake form. First time clients will have the mild set up along with consultation. The advanced set up has a burner as a heat source underneath the herbs so the heat/steam will be continuous. The side effects for steaming longer than 10 minutes for sensitive users will cause an on set of bleeding, early periods (short cycle), outbreak, cramping, or dehydration. Users that have an IUD, nexplanon, or uterine ablation are also recommended to steam for only 10 minutes to avoid reversal of any course of action.  

Steam Packages 

Single Steam Session 

Basic Cleanse

New Client Appointment


Returning Client Single Steam

Onc‚Äče a Week (4 Steams)

This steam plan targets the 4 different phases of the cycle 1.) Menstruation 2.) Follicular phase 3.) Ovulation 4.) Luteal phase


New Client Appointment (4 Steams)

Returning Client (4 Steams) 

6 steams 

3x before and 3x after menses. This helps prep the period to have a better uterine cleanse. Steaming after clears the remainder, ensuring  the next cycle will be healthier. 


New Client Appointment (6 steams) 

Returning Client (6 steams)