What are the Clients Saying...‚Äč

"I truly enjoyed my experience getting my first Yoni steam with this Queen! She makes the atmosphere very soothing through sound and smell and the steam, I found to be very relaxing in and of itself. As a result of beginning this holistic practice regularly I have had much better sleep and it has made me more in touch with my body. I was a bit apprehensive when I was first introduced to this practice as I did not have enough knowledge, but Minyan is very informative, professional and in tune with how she treats each of her clients. I now look forward to this monthly opportunity to invest in my own self care." 

Chelsea Davis

"It was the best experience I've ever had being that it was my first time ever yoni steaming. After just one visit, I felt very rejuvenated physically and emotionally. Before I came to you, I start having self-doubt about myself. I've been trying within the last four years to achieve having another baby. The more research I did on the work that it is that you do, I decide to put my faith in trying something new as well as putting my faith in you. By me doing so, I was able to accomplish something that I very much wanted these last four years. Because of you, I am now able to have a third child. For a while, I was trying to think that maybe it was broken, or something was wrong with me. By me having faith in what it is that you do, it showed me otherwise; along with putting my livelihood in your hands. You were able to give me a wonderful gift, which is giving me the opportunity to be a mother again. Thanks to your yoni steaming and herbs that you use specifically for me and my body, I just want to say thank you for everything."

Jasmine Argueta

"Since I have been steaming, it has lessened my period cramps and made me feel refreshed. I would definitely do it again!"

Anajlen Pierce